Páez Morilla WINERIES, TradiTION & innovaTIOn

The small solera of Sherry Vinegars developed since 1910 by Mr. Francisco Páez Sánchez, owner of the wine recreational society Los Palitos, was the basis and inspiration for his son, Mr. Antonio Páez Lobato, who decided to do something unusual until then: to commercialize Sherry Vinegar.

For the development of our ground solera (barrel containing the oldest product in the Solera & Criadera aging system), we used the small solera of Los Palitos and other barrels that were selected and bought from different wine cellars in the area: Williams & Humbert, Sandeman; Bodegas O'Neale, González Byass, Bodegas Alfonso Lacave Ruiz-Tagle..., although the origin was undoubtedly the solera barrel acquired from Mr. Alejandro Romero Osborne, whose origins date back to 1936. It was an exceptional find, both for its age and its outstanding quality.

This was the beginning of this company in the production, aging and commercialization of Sherry Vinegar, a business that had been unheard of until then, given that, despite its exceptional features, its use was reduced to the owners of the wineries, their relatives and their acquaintances.

Páez Morilla wineries, atypical production

But innovation does not end here: after the purchase of the vineyard La Vicaría, we started to experiment with atypical wines in Jerez and its surroundings. In 1981 we launched Tierra Blanca seco, a dry, white wine purely Andalusian, and then we did the same with its semi-sweet version: Tierra Blanca semidulce. And, since 1977, we also offer the first bottled red crianza wine from Cadiz, called Viña Lucía.

We are more than glad to state that we sell our entire wine production every year, and we know that this pioneering experience with sherry wines in Cádiz has encouraged others to follow our steps.

And last but not least, we have recently launched Doña Pepaa new line of culinary products including many balsamic glazes that can be used as seasonings and flavour enhancers, as well as a delicious wine for cooking under the same name.